New drivers cabin for Corona passenger transport

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Tribus and Taxi Geerets de Leeuw developed a driver’s cabin to reduce risk of contamination for taxi drivers. While the corona virus roams, Taxi drivers are still transporting (corona) passengers in need. The new driver’s cabin completely isolates the driver form the passenger area, reducing the risk of contamination of driver and passenger.

Taxi Geerets de Leeuw from Ospel in Limburg normally drives around 2,000 trips a day. Last Thursday, there were only 190, or just under 10 percent. Almost all work has also been lost at this company.

“We only drive the necessary patient transport, for example for dialysis patients,” explains operational manager Mark Goorman. “We want to do the part of the transport that goes through as safely as possible in view of the corona virus. In any case, we only work with drivers who want this and we can now offer them an extra safe workplace thanks to the cabs developed by Tribus. ”

First ride booked
That development went very fast. On Wednesday, client Omnibuzz received a request from Geerets De Leeuw to be able to transport corona patients without drivers being at risk of contamination. Contact was immediately made with Tribus, which normally converts vehicles to make them suitable for wheelchair transport and other target group transport. Taxis were fitted with special cabs with transparent plastic walls by Tribus.

On Thursday, two vehicles went to Utrecht to be delivered on Friday in Ospel. The taxis with driver’s cab will be used from Monday. “The first ride has already been booked,” reports Goorman. He expects the booths to be useful or even necessary for some time to take measures against the corona virus. And when this is no longer the case, the cabs can be disassembled and the vehicles restored to their original condition.

The driver’s cabin is a temporary solution for the MB Sprinter with TriflexAIR and low entry step with T- and Dashboard entrybar. It fully isolates the driver from the passengers area with a transparant polyester screen. It can be easily added (and removed) to the Tribus wheelchair accessible minibus Mercedes-Benz Sprinter model 906 and 907.

For more information please contact our Tribus salesteam by calling T +31 30 669 50 20 or email

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