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Tribus is developing a new model of the Civitas low floor minibus. The minibus will be based on a VW Crafter and is especially designed for public transport.
  • 20 June 2019
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Tribus presents: two electric, multifunctional minibuses.   At Busworld Europe 2017, Tribus from the Netherlands presented two entirely electric minibuses. With these minibuses, the company provides in the great market demand for emission-free passenger transport. The first electric minibuses are on the road since January 2018. The first fully electric minibus is the e-Civitas. The vehicle is based on the Fiat Ducato L3H2 and has a front-wheel drive. The e-Civitas has a 70 kWh battery that can reach distances of up to 200 km! The floor of the e-Civitas is lowered, it has a fully automated sliding side door and a manually foldable platform and is wheelchair accessible. The new Civitas fits in everywhere with a maximum capacity of 8 passengers (8 seats or 7 seats and 1 wheelchair). Ideal for public transport and taxi, shuttle and airport shuttle services. A maximum of 19 kW per hour charge is possible via a Type2 plug for a loading time of about 3.5 hours. The second fully electric minibus is the so-called e-Ducato: a multifunctional minibus, for which Tribus is receiving a lot of interest already. This low-floor minibus is also based on the Fiat Ducato L3H2. The e-Ducato has the same electric drive as the e-Civ [...]
The German company Flexibus has added 5 new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter wheelchair minibuses to their fleet. Check out their newest purchase.
At Busworld 2019 Tribus presents 3 new solutions; a low floor minibus Civitas Economy, the electric citybus the Movitas and TriflexAIR flooring system 2.0
The Tribus wheelchair conversion for the new VW E-Crafter has been approved. Check out our latest update.

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MAXIMUM COMFORT Owing to years of experience in selling and manufacturing, we at Tribus have selected only the best sliding steps available. Create a highly accessible vehicle with reliable and automated sliding steps. An installation manual will be Step AXS S900A - 12V0000402054Electric step AMF FS - 12V - Crafter/ Sprinter/ Transit (L2 and L3)0210402000Sliding Step AVS EXE 1000 - Movano/ Master MY2010>
MAXIMUM COMFORT Owing to years of experience in selling and manufacturing, we at Tribus have selected only the best ramps available. Create a highly accessible vehicle with the reliable ramps. An installation manual is provided.Item no.000075100100007510020000751101000075115000007512010000751202DescriptionAluminium ramp AMF - 280x90 cm - capacity: 350 kgAluminium ramp AMF - 240x90 cm - capacity 350 kgAluminium ramp Autolift - 276x890 cmAluminium ramp - 3300x80 - set of 3 stepconceptsAluminium folding ramp Autoadapt - 235x88 cmAluminium folding ramp Autoadapt - 287x90 cm
MAXIMUM COMFORT Owing to years of experience in manufacturing M1 seats, we at Tribus realise that safe seating can be a matter of life or death. In close collaboration with our Research and Development department we therefore attempt to anticipate and implement new developments before demand arises. ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT We are proud to say "the TriflexAIR seat is the lightest available M1 folding seat in the world!" With just 20 kg this seat contributes to a lower weight of the vehicle and therefore saves fuel. Our M1 folding Seats in ­combination with our Flooring Systems -make it possible to quickly and easily convert a standard vehicle into a multifunctional Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. NEW GENERATION SEATBELT The development of this nice (patented) feature will definitely meet the ECE-R44/04 requirements in the near future. No more adjusting your seat belts manually or using booster seats. The New Generation belt adjusts itself to the height of the passenger. Tight, firm and safe!seating-sytemsBTriflexAIR Seats combine minimal space with maximum comfort. Its ergonomic [...]
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