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The need to become more sustainable and to reduce our ecological footprint is becoming increasingly important. The transport sector is also moving along by making the company more sustainable on the one hand and offering zero-emission passenger feed on the other. Taxi company Bodetax also shares this opinion.
Our electrical midibus Movitas, designed by Steketee Design, proved to be the best Dutch Design. The team that took the Movitas from idea to working prototype in no time (2 years!) was as flexible, agile and efficient as the product itself.
Although Covid-19 took over the world, Tribus and conversion specialist Bayer from Germany, started working together around mid-2020. A success story that resulted in a unique partnership with MAN Deutschland!
TCZ has been driving for two years with the wheelchair adaptation on the Jumpy, Expert, Vivaro and ProAce segment. Now that the electric version of these types has been released, we are curious about the experiences of Stan Ackermans, director TCZ.
User manualsAS-81-190807 User manual wheelchair accessible minibus
“We strive to give our customers the best travel experience. New memories are made at their journey in which we want to play a positive part. We wanted a new solution that boards people in a fast way, but could also transport a disabled person in a super user-friendly manner.
The growing awareness for equivalent mobility for disabled people is a trend of the past decade. Tribus dealer A.C.A. from France is taking this trend into the next level with their Jeep Renegade Mobility.

Two years electric wheelchair transport; the Tribus e-Crafter in practise

By Martijn Kersing and Raoul Nazier of Regiotaxi Eemland Heuvelrug/ Noot Personenvervoer
“Unknown and exciting”, that was my gut feeling when we purchased the Tribus e-Crafter wheelchair bus in July 2019, says Director Martijn Kersing. Now two years later it's time to review the Tribus e-Crafter.
  • 11 March 2021
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Movitas ontwerp verdiend finaleplaats GIO AwardsMet trots mogen wij delen dat ons Movitas e-midibus-ontwerp een plek heeft verdiend in de finale van de Special Award for Excellence van de stichting GIO designlink. Naast de onderscheiding selecteren ze jaarlijks enkele bedrijven met een Goed Industrieel Ontwerp die het officiële GIO-kwaliteitsmerk mogen voeren. We zijn dankbaar voor het ontvangen van deze prestigieuze erkenning en kijken uit naar de uitreiking van de Award. Onze inschrijving De Movitas is geplaatst in de categorie: Openbaar Vervoer/ Elektrische bus Submitted by: Steketee Design Design: Arjan Steketee / Movitas Team Produced by: Tribus De modulaire opbouw van de elektrische bus Movitas maakt het mogelijk dat deze in diverse lengtes en breedtes kan worden uitgevoerd. Ontworpen rondom de batterijpakketten in de vloer heeft de bus een laag zwaartepunt, wat bijdraagt aan het rijcomfort. Meer informatie Meer informatie over de GIO Awards:
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