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  • 20 June 2019
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Tribus presents: two electric, multifunctional minibuses.   At Busworld Europe 2017, Tribus from the Netherlands presented two entirely electric minibuses. With these minibuses, the company provides in the great market demand for emission-free passenger transport. The first electric minibuses are on the road since January 2018. The first fully electric minibus is the e-Civitas. The vehicle is based on the Fiat Ducato L3H2 and has a front-wheel drive. The e-Civitas has a 70 kWh battery that can reach distances of up to 200 km! The floor of the e-Civitas is lowered, it has a fully automated sliding side door and a manually foldable platform and is wheelchair accessible. The new Civitas fits in everywhere with a maximum capacity of 8 passengers (8 seats or 7 seats and 1 wheelchair). Ideal for public transport and taxi, shuttle and airport shuttle services. A maximum of 19 kW per hour charge is possible via a Type2 plug for a loading time of about 3.5 hours. The second fully electric minibus is the so-called e-Ducato: a multifunctional minibus, for which Tribus is receiving a lot of interest already. This low-floor minibus is also based on the Fiat Ducato L3H2. The e-Ducato has the same electric drive as the e-Civ [...]
The German company Flexibus has added 5 new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter wheelchair minibuses to their fleet. Check out their newest purchase.
At Busworld 2019 Tribus presents 3 new solutions; a low floor minibus Civitas Economy, the electric citybus the Movitas and TriflexAIR flooring system 2.0
Tribus is developing a new model of the Civitas low floor minibus. The minibus will be based on a VW Crafter and is especially designed for public transport.
The Tribus wheelchair conversion for the new VW E-Crafter has been approved. Check out our latest update.

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MAXIMUM COMFORT Owing to years of experience in selling and manufacturing, we at Tribus have selected only the best sliding steps available. Create a highly accessible vehicle with reliable and automated sliding steps. An installation manual will be Step AXS S900A - 12V0000402054Electric step AMF FS - 12V - Crafter/ Sprinter/ Transit (L2 and L3)0210402000Sliding Step AVS EXE 1000 - Movano/ Master MY2010>
MAXIMUM COMFORT Owing to years of experience in selling and manufacturing, we at Tribus have selected only the best ramps available. Create a highly accessible vehicle with the reliable ramps. An installation manual is provided.Item no.000075100100007510020000751101000075115000007512010000751202DescriptionAluminium ramp AMF - 280x90 cm - capacity: 350 kgAluminium ramp AMF - 240x90 cm - capacity 350 kgAluminium ramp Autolift - 276x890 cmAluminium ramp - 3300x80 - set of 3 stepconceptsAluminium folding ramp Autoadapt - 235x88 cmAluminium folding ramp Autoadapt - 287x90 cm
MAXIMUM DESIGN To complete your wheelchair minibus conversion Tribus offers several Interior Kits the VW Crafter MY 2017>. Tribus offers other brands on request. Its modern design ensures long lasting and gives a great look & feel to the inside of your wheelchair minibus. The parts are preformed, easy to install and available in colour ABS Dark Grey. Minimum effort, maximum design A COMPLETE INTERIOR KIT  Side panelsWindow frame coverWheel-arch coversTop back-door cover KEY POINTS Pre-formedEasy to installAvailable in ABS colour Dark GreyComplete set!INTERIOR KITS AVAILABLE FORInterior Kit for Item no.  V-0903357004  Volkswagen Crafter L3H3 MY 2017> with a lowered front entrance Item no.  V-0903357002  Volkswagen Crafter L3H3 MY 2017> front entrance version i.c.w. TriflexAIR Interior-trim set  Side panels Window frame cover Wheel-arch covers Top back-door covers Colour ABS Dark Grey. All parts are pre-formed.
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