100% electric by Tribus and Volkswagen


In collaboration with Volkswagen Tribus launches the 100% electric VW E-Crafter wheelchair minibus with a passenger capacity of 8+1. The minibus can be driven with a driver’s license B and has a short charge time thanks to the fast charging feature. If you think about deployment and loading times you can easily integrate the electric minibus in your daily business. Ideally suited for Taxi and Public Transport.

UP TO 150 KM*

The powerful 100 kW electric motor, powered by Volkswagen has a battery capacity of 35,8 kWh with 173 NEDC radius and a practical range up to 115 km (WLTP)*. This radius can be substantially increased when you recharge 80% of the battery within 45 minutes using a rapid charger. The VW E-Crafter wheelchair minibus is equipped with the reliable TriflexAIR wheelchair restraint system, folding and swivel seats, and a lowered front entry. The maximum weight is <3500 kg.


As a Premium Partner of Volkswagen and MAN, the Tribus solution for the VW E-Crafter wheelchair minibus is officially approved and comes with a LONO (letter of no objection). For you as a customer this means warranty service of the factory is retained. In short, a reliable and solid solution for your fleet.


The range of charging options allow you to decide where and how you charge your e-minibus: at home, at work, in public or at fuel stations. De battery is completely charged within 5:20 hours. Using a rapid charger you can get a full battery within just 60 minutes! Just take a short break and your minibus is ready to go!


Our 100% electric VW E-Crafter has exactly the same functionalities as our other minibuses, with passenger capacity equivalent to that of our conventional vehicles. With a large variety of seating and wheelchair configurations. With easy accessibility for wheelchairs to meet your specific needs. The VW E-Crafter is completely save and fully tested to European Type Approval.

Bas Verboord

European Sales Manager

*The practical range with the Tribus conversion is up to 150 km tested by Tribus under normal weather, work and traffic conditions.
** The extended warranty service of Volkswagen may differ per country.

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