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Sir Wolfgang Craen of Bügerbus foundation Wermelskirchen received the Civitas Economy on November 26 after which an official handover followed. The vehicle will be used for passenger transport in Cologne (Germany) and that is exactly where the Civitas excels; Small-scale public transport.
Innovation is in our DNA. That is why we are launching the Tribus Test Center. Thanks to our own test equipment our engineers can receive extended insights into the strength of our materials and deep learning in how combinations of materials can enhance safety.
Tribus colleague Erik Henneken is involved in many zero-emission projects and initiatives from manufacturers, municipalities and governments in his role as e-Mobility-Manager. We asked Erik to spill his knowledge in an article.
Tribus presented two electric low floor minibuses at the Dutch fair Taxi Expo; Civitas Cityline and Civitas Economy. An innnovation that is highly demanded by the market. Visitors embraced these first two prototypes.
The brands Opel, Toyata, Citroen and Peugeot have launched an electric minibus. This 9-seater e-bus stands out due to its high range of up to 330 km WLTP and is suitable for both taxi and wheelchair transport in terms of dimensions and weight.
The need to become more sustainable and to reduce our ecological footprint is becoming increasingly important. The transport sector is also moving along by making the company more sustainable on the one hand and offering zero-emission passenger feed on the other. Taxi company Bodetax also shares this opinion.
Our electrical midibus Movitas, designed by Steketee Design, proved to be the best Dutch Design. The team that took the Movitas from idea to working prototype in no time (2 years!) was as flexible, agile and efficient as the product itself.
Although Covid-19 took over the world, Tribus and conversion specialist Bayer from Germany, started working together around mid-2020. A success story that resulted in a unique partnership with MAN Deutschland!
TCZ has been driving for two years with the wheelchair adaptation on the Jumpy, Expert, Vivaro and ProAce segment. Now that the electric version of these types has been released, we are curious about the experiences of Stan Ackermans, director TCZ.

This new electric 9-seater minibus sets the new standard for electric passenger transport. Thanks to its wide range and ideal dimensions the minibus is perfect for Taxi, Wheelchair, Students & Shuttle transport.
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