Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles


For families with one member who is dependent on a wheelchair, a vehicle with a lowered floor is the perfect solution for spacious and comfortable transportation. The Caddy Maxi, for example, easily accommodates five seated passengers and one wheelchair passenger. When the wheelchair space is not in use, the Caddy Maxi – in combination with the special ramp – offers lots of space for luggage.


The seating configuration is flexible. Depending on the type, the vehicle has either three individual seats or a split rear bench. Depending on the wheelchair you can opt for a combination of wheelchair with separate seats or bench.


Besides standard conversion, we offer a number of additional options:
– ECO-fuel, modification of the original Caddy CNG model
– Extra TriflexAIR folding seats on the third row



The Volkswagen Caddy Combi Maxi combines reliability and robustness of the standard Caddy Combi even more space! This makes him the ideal car for individual transport wheelchair. Due to the reduction in soil is created there is much internal space, so that it can take place even the larger wheelchair user. The original rear seat is maintained, so that there is next to the back of a wheelchair passenger place for three passengers. The sofa can also be folded to make the transport of a larger place (electric) wheelchairs.


  • Lowered floor from rear to front seats.
  • Lightweight ramp with a length of 125 cm.
  • Wheelchair tie-down system, consisting of 2 electrically controlled roll-up systems at the front and 2 removable and adjustable straps or retractors at the rear.
  • 2 (removable) seats or standard 3-seat bench at the second row.

Optional: NIVO system that lowers the rear of the car for easier access. With the NIVO system a ramp length of 62 cm is sufficient.



Our Ford Tourneo Connect Grand REC has received the European Type Approval, issued by the Dutch Department of Transportation (RDW). Furthermore it has received the official Ford Approval.


  • Sound-insulated lowered floor
  • Lightweight folding ramp with a length of 130 cm.
  • 4-point wheelchair tie-down system (ISO -norm 10542), integrated in the lowered floor
  • Adjustable 3-point seat belt for the wheelchair passenger
  • Modified fuel tank and exhaust system to accommodate a deep and level floor
  • Modified 3-seat bench on second row
  • One or two swivel and foldable seats on third row
  • Taxi ramp
  • Ramp, hatch and hydraulic lowering system operable by remote control
  • Winch
  • Bodyguard


Tribus has modified the Fiat Doblò into a wheelchair accessible vehicle with lowered floor. Because of its independent suspension, our technical department had to design a sophisticated solution for the lowered floor. We didn’t change the rear suspension, so even though the interior height was increased to 145 cm, the vehicle kept its original comfortable ride.

The modified car can optionally be equipped with one or two individual seats on the second row. To maintain the car’s multi functionality, the original backseat can also be placed back. Instead of the standard conversion with double folding ramp (130 cm/59 inches), there is an optional “NIVO” hydraulic lowering-system with a short 65 cm (25.5 inch) ramp.


  • Lowered Floor up to front seats
  • The wheelchair is secured with a 4-point seatbelt (ISO-norm 10542) with electric retractors at the front and removable at the rear of the wheelchair
  • 3-point seatbelt for the wheelchair passenger
  • Modified fuel tank and exhaust for a deep and level lowered floor
  • Lightweight ramp of 125 cm (49 inches)
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