Tribus stock vehicles and minibus vans

Instant available and competitively priced!

Current stock

This page presents the current stock of wheelchair minibus vans and wheelchair cars that are available. The vehicles are immediately available and also very competitively priced. Taxes depends on the country. Contact us for more information.

Choose your brand

To serve our customers quickly in this difficult market, we have stocked various models of wheelchair minibus vans and wheelchair cars. The Tribus conversion is available for allmost all brands, so you can find various brands of stock models such as the Sprinter, Crafter, e-Crafter, Movano and Caddy.

Choose your layout

You can choose your specific layout for many stock models completely according to your wishes with our Seat Layout Program. With more than 100 layouts, you decide the number of seats and wheelchair spaces and the positioning of these. The vehicles are standard equipped with the fully integrated wheelchair restraint system TriflexAIR. You can also choose between two type of seats, the lightweight TriflexAIR seats or the luxurious FlexusPro.

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