Tribus developed a wheelchair conversion for Fiat E-Ducato

In order to meet European climate goals, mobility must become cleaner. OEM manufacturers are fully committed to developing clean and sustainable solutions. Until now, there were only 2 wheelchair minibus for M1 segment (driver’s license B) available; the Volkswagen e-Crafter and MAN E-TGE. With a range of +- 130 km we are in need of new solution. Now we can offer the Fiat E-Ducato wheelchair minibus with battery pack of 47 or 79 kWh, resulting in a range that is significantly higher than the current models.

Special feature of the Fiat E-Ducato wheelchair accessible minibus

A special feature of the Fiat E-Ducato conversion is the interior that looks and feels like a factory interior. Also we applied the new flooring system TriflexAIR 2.0. With weight as a continuous challenge in the M1 segment, Tribus Engineers developed the ultra-light flooring system TriflexAIR 2.0. The system has been fully tested according European regulations and recently finished the field test that was subjected by Dutch Tribus customers.

The wheelchair conversion for Fiat E-Ducato

The final specifications of the Fiat E-Ducato will be available shortly. At the end of June we will start testing and finalize the homologation process. We will keep you updated.

“With the arrival of the E-Ducato with battery pack 79 kWh, we get a bit closer to the ideal range” Wilfred Wijnands, CSO Tribus.

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The technical specifications of the Fiat E-Ducato wheelchair conversion

Description Model L2H2
Model 3,5T
Motor power 90 kW (122pk)
Torque 280Nm
Drive type Front Wheel Drive
Speed limit 100 km/h
Wheelbase 3450mm
Battery size 47kWh or 79 kWh
Charging options AC or DC options (AC 7 or 11 kWh)
Description Model L2H2
CO2 0 g/km
Max. GVW 3500kg
Height 1662mm
Width 1870mm
Length 3120mm
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