Successful collaboration between SunnySideGroup and Tribus Group

Civitas Economy low-floor minibus L4H3

In the field of senior care, SunnySideGroup stands out not only for its commitment to care and housing options but also for its innovative approach to personal transportation. The focus of SunnySideGroup is on the individual, ensuring that day care guests and residents can live in their familiar home environment for as long as possible and experience a sense of comfort. Since the spring of 2023, SunnySideGroup has been using the Civitas Economy low-floor minibus.

How the collaboration began

Since 2011, SunnySideGroup has been pursuing the goal of focusing on alternative housing for seniors and providing day care. The “Alte Schmiede” day care project was in full swing, and SunnySideGroup was in search of the ideal vehicle that met their diverse needs. Their search led them to the Tribus Group. After exploring various options at exhibitions and events, they discovered that the Tribus Group offered a unique solution that perfectly matched their requirements.

The convenience of the vehicle

“The Civitas Economy low-floor bus makes it extremely easy for us to pick up wheelchair users. It takes only 2 minutes to board and fasten the seat belts,” says Markus Zwyrtek, founder and owner of SunnySideGroup. “Perhaps the bus is a bit too large for our needs, but given all the conveniences it offers, the decision was quickly made.”

Because the low-floor minibus may be larger than what other companies typically use for day care services, SunnySideGroup recognized its long-term benefits for future projects.

“The Civitas Economy low-floor bus makes it extremely easy for us to pick up wheelchair users. It takes only 2 minutes to board and fasten the seat belts.”

About SunnySideGroup

SunnySideGroup consists of three companies: SunnySideResidence acts as a developer for alternative housing for seniors, SunnySideCare is the care service operating all SunnySideGroup houses and takes care of residents in and around Unterneukirchen. The third company, SunnySideRent, serves as the general lessor of the residential complexes.


Sunny Future

In collaboration with AKB Beck GmbK & Co. Wohn & Gewerbebau KG, another project for the Altötting district is also in the pipeline. For the Marktl location, an assisted living facility with 57 apartments is planned, with completion scheduled for spring 2026.

The power of innovative solutions

Norbert Storm (Sales Manager Export, Tribus Group) hands over the key of the Civitas Economy low-floor bus to Markus Zwyrtek (founder and owner of SunnySideGroup).

In summary, the collaboration between SunnySideGroup and the Tribus Group is a testament to the power of innovative solutions in the field of care services. The Civitas Economy low-floor minibus has not only fulfilled immediate transportation needs but has also become an integral part of SunnySideGroup’s vision for the future. As they continue to grow and form new partnerships, the low-floor minibus is ready to facilitate their mission of providing exceptional care and communal living.

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