Tribus goes to the German fair RettMobil with TriflexAIR

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The Dutch company Tribus has entered the German market with their wheelchair restraint solution TriflexAIR. The system distinguishes itself by a high reliability and extreme user-friendliness. Thanks to these unique specifications, German converters have partnered up with Tribus to convert their minibuses with TriflexAIR.

TriflexAIR is adapted by the German Taxi market thanks to its versatility. The solution offers a fully integrated flooring & seating system and is available for almost all brand of minibuses and vans. Fleet owners can lower their fuel consumption because of the lightweight construction and schedule more rides thanks to the fast operating system. Depending on the minibus – a large variety of seating and wheelchair configurations are available to meet every demand. A complete and reliable solutions.

The growing awareness for equivalent mobility for disabled people is a trend of the past decade. More and more mobility solutions meet passengers’ needs and desires, whether they travel in a wheelchair or not. The TriflexAIR wheelchair restraint system is easy to use for both driver as passenger, requiring no physical exertion. All passengers have a good view to the outdoors and the interior is nicely finished.

Although the TriflexAIR solution is now setting foot on the German market, it already has a proven track record. This patented solutions has been developed by Tribus back in 2012 and since than thousands of vehicles have been converted with TriflexAIR. With innovation as their driving force, Tribus became market leader in converting small scale passenger transport in the Netherlands since 1998. Still to this day Tribus invests a significantly amount into new development projects, resulting in an ultralight flooring system TriflexAIR 2.0 that will be presented as a sneak preview at RettMobil in Fulda from 11-13 May, booth 6 in hall 6.

The development of the new TriflexAIR 2.0 floor system is almost completed. The new floor system is up to 35% lighter than the current floor and offers you a lower consumption of fuel or energy for an electric vehicle. The new floor is made of modular lightweight elements, which results in faster conversion times and lower shipping costs for our converters worldwide. The first buses with TriflexAIR 2.0 have left our workshop to be subjected to a field test. In the coming months, Tribus customers will be testing the flooring system in their daily practices. After a successful test period, production will start later on this year and TriflexAIR will slowly phase out.

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