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Successful collaboration between SunnySideGroup and Tribus Group

Since 2023, the Civitas Economy Low-floor Bus has been serving as personal transportation for the SunnySideCare day care project.

German tour operator Steber-Tours offers customers high quality transport with civitas economy

“We strive to give our customers the best travel experience. New memories are made at their journey in which we want to play a positive part. We wanted a new solution that boards people in a fast way, but could also transport a disabled person in a super user-friendly manner.

Bye bye utility vehicle. Hello urban and non-stigmatizing Jeep Renegade Mobility

The growing awareness for equivalent mobility for disabled people is a trend of the past decade. Tribus dealer A.C.A. from France is taking this trend into the next level with their Jeep Renegade Mobility.

Two years electric wheelchair transport; the Tribus e-Crafter in practise

“Unknown and exciting”, that was my gut feeling when we purchased the Tribus e-Crafter wheelchair bus in July 2019, says Director Martijn Kersing. Now two years later it’s time to review the Tribus e-Crafter.

Dealer Iseveien builds Norways first e-Crafter wheelchair minibus

Tribus dealer Iseveien builts the first electric wheelchair minibus in Norway. Taxi Zero and touroperator Trondertaxi in Trondheim have drived their first ride with a passenger from the Strindheim school.

Tour operator Schlienz extends fleet with 12 Sprinters

Begin February Schlienz started with 9 TriflexAIR Sprinters. They have proved to reduce operating times and thanks to its flexible deployment options, sir Kiesel, CEO at Schlienz, upgraded his order with another 3 Sprinters. 

Taxbus replaces diesels in Eindhoven with electric taxis

You can already see it popping up in traffic every now and then: the electric Taxbus from Connexxion. As of July 1, Connexxion The Netherlands officially started using its 36 emission-free partial taxis plus the electric Volkswagen Crafter wheelchair bus.

MVI drives zero emission with 68 Volkswagens e-Crafters!

The MVI Foundation (Mobility For Everyone) has placed an order at Volkswagen Netherlands and Tribus for 68 electric e-Crafter wheelchair accessible minibuses. This makes MVI the first major transporter to make emission-free wheelchair transport for the healthcare market possible on a large scale this year.

New drivers cabin for Corona passenger transport

Tribus and Taxi Geerets de Leeuw developed a driver’s cabin for taxi drivers who needs to transport Corono passengers.

Review Civitas Economy by Taxi Dorenbos

Qbuzz has deployed the first 23 low-floor minibuses in the Northern Netherlands. Taxi Dorenbos is one of the operators for this concession and has now driven quite a few kilometers. Time for a review!

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