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Tribus and Taxi Geerets de Leeuw developed a driver's cabin for taxi drivers who needs to transport Corono passengers.
Qbuzz has deployed the first 23 low-floor minibuses in the Northern Netherlands. Taxi Dorenbos is one of the operators for this concession and has now driven quite a few kilometers. Time for a review!
The German company Flexibus has added 5 new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter wheelchair minibuses to their fleet. Check out their newest purchase.
Handynamic and Tribus Group have been trusted partners in mobility since 2014. We interviewed Pierre Folliot, director and owner at Handynamic to tell us more about his plans and his view on our partnership.
Syntus operates according to a so-called fishbone model, where the spine represents train services and the bones represent the bus services connecting scarcely populated areas to the railroad network. With the deployment of electric minibuses from Tribus, the service area of Syntus in the Green Heart can be fully electrified.
Marleen Roose, Customer Service Manager at Brussels Airport deployed two wheelchair accessible minibuses. Since Tribus has been granted European Type Approval on these conversions, Tribus was able to deliver the minibuses as complete, turnkey wheelchair accessible vehicles
Hendriks converts its own minibuses, using the TriflexAIR seating and flooring system. “It is this combination of high service and safe and comfortable wheelchair accessible minibuses, which counts for Tax Hendriks’ position as market leader.”
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