TriflexAIR 2.0 ready for field testing

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A lightweight construction is becoming increasingly important due to the advance of new technologies such as electric or hybrid vehicles. In order to meet the Europese weight regulations for M1 passenger transport, a light construction is essential. We setup a great challenge for our Engineering department; the development of an ultralight modulair minibus floor concept. After a period of designing and innovating, the challenge has been met; TriflexAIR 2.0 is up to 35% lighter than our original minibus floor! 

Weight reduction up to 35%
In 2012, Tribus introduced the integrated TriflexAIR floor system. Over the past 10 years, the flooring system has proven to be the most reliable floor in Europe. Now 10 years later, the floor has been upgraded with an innovative design that contains of compact and modular elements. Because of this new construction we realised a weight reduction of up to 35% compared to the original TriflexAIR floor, with the same quality, reliability and safety specifications. The floor has been fully tested to the highest safety standards and has a M1 European Type Approval  for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Volkswagen Crafter. The other brands will be tested later this year. You can find the full test report on our Customer Portal.

Converting times reduced with TriflexAIR 2.0
The construction contains basic elements that are very suitable for parcel shipping. The basic elements have been developed in such a way that they are suitable for every type of vehicle. This allows dealers to easily handle stock, assemble faster and build flexibly. The basic elements are finished with a top screed that is available in many colors and materials.

Testing period and production
The first minibuses are converted with TriflexAIR 2.0 en have left our workshop. Dutch customers of Tribus are going to conduct TriflexAIR 2.0 to a period of field testing. When the field testing proves to be a succes we will start production somewhere in June this year.

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