German tour operator Steber-Tours offers customers high quality transport with civitas economy

With a massive fleet of 262 vehicles, Steber-Tours from Mindelheim is in expert in passenger transport, whether for long or short journeys. Knowing their customers they were looking for a high-end solution in terms of comfort, low malfunction risk, luxury finish and easy boarding. The Civitas Economy matched their wishes and on April 1, no joke, Steber-Tours received their first 2 low floor Civitas Economy minibuses.

From left to right: Manuel Steber (Financial Director), Bas Verboord (Sales Manager Europe at Tribus) and Sir Wolfgang Steber (CEO Steber-Tours).

  • 2 Civitas Economy low floor minibuses based on Volkswagen Crafter
  • Low floor and wide metro doors with side bars for fast boarding
  • Fully integrated TriflexAIR wheelchair restraint system
  • User-friendly system and luxurious finish

The 4th generation family of Steber-Tours

The first connection between Steber-Tours and Tribus was made at the prestigious IAA Commercial Vehicles back in 2018. Wolfgang and Bas setup a long term connection and a successful cooperation begun. Wolfgang is CEO and a part of the 4th generation of the family company that is founded in 1927. A long history with many fortunes, numerous rides, countries and customers stories that Wolfgang and his team can look back on. Steber-Tours is focusing on providing its customers comfortable and safe transport in which the new Civitas Economy minibuses suits in perfectly.

Wolfgang says: “We strive to give our customers the best travel experience. New memories are made at their journey in which we want to play a positive part. We wanted a new solution that boards people in a fast way, but could also transport a disabled person in a super user-friendly manner. The Civitas Economy with TriflexAIR wheelchair restraint system turned out to be best choice available at the German market. We were able to configurate the minibus and choose al kind of styling options for our brand.

High quality passenger transport with the Civitas Economy

The Civitas Economy minibuses are known for their spacious ambience thanks to the lowered chassis, wide metro doors and TriflexAIR floor- and seating system. The TriflexAIR wheelchair restraint system is mechanical and fully integrated in the floor, so people can’t fall or bumb against parts on the floor. It’s an user friendly proved European safe concept that set the standard for wheelchair passenger transport. The inside has a spaces ambience thanks to large windows and luxurious finish.

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