Tribus starts production Civitas in new building

After a period of renovation, the Proostwetering 111 has been taken into use for the production of the Civitas low-floor buses. The production process is fully organized according to lean philosophy. At the beginning of 2020, Tribus started with the introduction of Lean, an excellent opportunity to fully arange this new hall according to Lean philosophy.

Earlier this year, the entire Tribus workforce was trained in the lean philosophy and the lean tools that will be used at Tribus. A project team was appointed to investigate how an efficient and transparent supply chain could be created. Data-driven studies in the current production process of the Civitas low-floor minibuses have been used to diagnose waste in the supply chain. Based on the results, the project team set up a new Lean production process without waste. Now we have a clear production process with 7 steps in which the bus goes through a fixed process at each stage.

The next Lean project is to organize the production process of the wheelchair minibuses at Proostwetering 71 according to Lean.

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