Bürgerbus foundation Wermelskirchen starts with Civitas Economy

Sir Wolfgang Craen of Bügerbus foundation Wermelskirchen received the Civitas Economy on November 26 after which an official handover followed. The vehicle will be used for passenger transport in Cologne and that is exactly where the Civitas excels; Small-scale public transport.

Small scale passenger transport 

Herr Wolfgang Craen, President of the Wermelskirchen Bürgerbus Foundation was tipped off about the Civitas Economy by Rolf Peusters of Pro Burgerbus Nord Rhein Westfalen. Wermelskirche was looking for a new vehicle to replace their 15-year-old Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The vehicle would be deployed on the bus route for the Regional Transport Company Cologne (RVK). An important factor was a solution for easy and quick passenger boarding. The Civitas Economy proved to be the perfect solution thanks to its lowered chassis and wide Metro doors.

A tailored configuration with the Seat layout program
The Civitas Economy is distinguished by the high level of finish and the large interior space. This extra space allows rollators and luggage to be easily and safely attached. A wide variety of configurations are possible with the Seat Layout Program. Wermelskirchen has chosen a seat layout in the U shape. For the floor and seats, they chose the lightweight product line TriflexAIR, which features a fully integrated wheelchair restraint system that is incorporated into the floor. The vehicle is based on a Volkswagen Crafter with dimensions (h)2590 mm x (w) 2024 x (l) 6836 mm. The vehicle has a euro 6 engine with 140 hp and an automatic gearbox to maneuver very smoothly and lightly through city traffic.

the offical handover event
On November 26, Sales Manager Norbert Storm delivered the vehicle to Wermelskirchen. Marcel Frank, RVK Managing Director, presented the Civitas Economy during the key handover and solemnly handed over the key to Wolfgang Craen, President of the Wermelskirchen Citizen Bus Association. The festive handover was attended by the 30 enthusiastic volunteers, Bürgermeisterin Marion Lückwas and some delegates from surrounding Bürgerbus associations.

Read all about the festive handover in Wermelskirchen’s press release.

Tribus wishes the drivers and passengers of Burgerbusverein Wermelskirchen many safe and enjoyable miles.

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