Update VW E-Crafter conversion

Status update VW E-Crafter wheelchair conversion

The design phase has now been completed. The Tribus conversion for the VW E-Crafter meets all quality requirements and has received official approval from the Volkswagen factory. For you, this means that despite the conversion, the factory warranty is retained.

Interior layout
The standard configuration of our conversion includes the lightweight TriflexAIR flooring & seating system with 2 integrated wheelchair restraint systems in the floor. Access for walking passengers is through a lowered entry level. Optional is an electric wheelchair lift to give disabled persons a good access.

We expect a practical range of 110-130 km, depending on driving style. In addition we can offer an Ecodrive system that influences the driving style tot maximize the range. With Ecodrive you opt for a managed and controlled driving style to maximize the driving range. With the app you can check the state of charge, the driving style and many more. The range of the first demo model will be tested in the next following weeks. In collaboration with various customers, we will extensively test a demo model at the end of June. We will keep you informed about the test results.

We expect to demonstrate the Volkswagen E-Crafter to the (taxi) world from 26 June.

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