TriflexAIR minibuses on tarmac Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is on its way to become the most convenient airport of Europe. Recently, the airport acquired two TriflexAIR wheelchair accessible minibuses to carry persons with reduced mobility (PRM) to and from the airplanes.

The deployment of the two wheelchair accessible minibuses is part of a development at Brussels Airport, initiated by Marleen Roose (Customer Service Manager), to accommodate for the growing number of people with physical limitations. “Due to European regulations on accessibility and better information on traveling with disabilities, air traffic has become more and more popular with this group. Brussels Airport now receives 168,000 persons with reduced mobility a year,” says Roose. “With these numbers, there should be no difference in passenger experience.” Roose has personally committed herself to achieve an equal passenger experience.

“At Brussels Airport we now have a security lane which is specifically designed to service people with physical limitations. Furthermore, we offer two PRM dedicated airport lounges where people can rely on personal care, while waiting for their flight.”

European Type Approval

These changes towards an equal passenger experience and greater safety and comfort have been carried out in just a few years. “In 2013, we started to replace our outdated wheelchair accessible vehicle fleet. The acquisition of the TriflexAIR minibus marks the end of the first phase of our efforts.”

The TriflexAIR minibuses at Brussels Airport are converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. Since Tribus has been granted European Type Approval on these conversions, Tribus was able to deliver the minibuses as complete, turnkey wheelchair accessible vehicles. This is possible throughout the European Union.

The preference of Roose for TriflexAIR by Tribus is based mainly on the fact that the wheelchair restraint system is fully mechanical, which makes it reliable and easy to use. “We are glad to see that people – passengers as well as drivers – feel very safe and comfortable. And that’s what our department aims for.”

For more information, please, contact Bas Verboord, Sales Manager Europe:

Currently, two TriflexAIR minibusses carry people to and from the tarmac at Brussels Airport.

Currently, two TriflexAIR minibusses carry people to and from the tarmac at Brussels Airport.

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