Tribus Test Centre

The quality of our components and thus the reliability of your products depends on a thorough testing process. Quality cannot be added afterwards, which is why a timely and carefully executed testing process is essential. All Tribus products are tested to the highest safety standards by TUV Rheinland, nevertheless a time consuming process. By purchasing our own Test Equipment, our engineers can test the components at any time and gain in-depth insights into the strength of our components and better predict the combination of materials. With this knowledge we are able to bring new technologies to the market even earlier, which means that you as a customer can have access to our latest products faster.

The benifits of the Tribus Test Centre

    A structured test approach allows errors to be detected at an early stage. The many insights into the resilience of the materials lead to a higher quality and safety. Because products become even more durable, you can enjoy Tribus products longe

    Thanks to our own testing process we save time on the full testing process which results in you getting our products faster.


    Finding defects at an early stage of development leads to a sharp reduction in the development costs. The cost price and therefore the selling price will be lower, which means a more favorable TCO for you.


    The growing insight into the quality of our materials makes it easier to predict how strong a product is and which combinations optimally enhance safety. At the same time, it becomes possible for you to have specific product combinations tested at Tribus.

Bas Verboord

Bas Verboord

Salesmanager Export

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