Tribus started with Lean

This year Tribus will take the next step to further professionalise our organisation processes. That’s’ why Tribus has started the introduction of Lean. Our complete staff has been trained to understand the philosophy of Lean and the tools that we will be using at Tribus.

The first Lean projects have been completed. A part of our production will be relocated to another location. This location has been completely organised by Lean methodology with a minimal waste in transport, waiting times, stock, overproduction and processing. The knowledge and skills of the involved employees are optimised.

For several departments that are directly related to production, Lean projects have already been set up. The next step in our Lean process is to fully optimise the current production area according Lean principles.

Tribus is a company that strives to continually improve the organisation and its people. Lean fits perfectly in the Tribus philosophy.

More information about Lean?

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