Tour operator Schlienz extends fleet with 12 Sprinters

Begin February Schlienz started with 9 TriflexAIR Sprinters. They have proved to reduce operating times and thanks to its flexible deployment options, sir Kiesel, CEO at Schlienz, upgraded his order with another 3 Sprinters. 

Left side: Sir Kiesel, CEO at Schlienz  –  Right side: Bas Verboord, Sales Manager Europe at Tribus

  • 12 TriflexAIR Mercedes-Benz Sprinter wheelchair accessible minibuses
  • Luxurious finish with artificial leather grey upholstery and wooden floor motiv

At the prestigious IAA Commercial Vehicles back in 2018, Tribus and Schlienz made their first connection. Sales Manager Europe, Bas Verboord demonstrated the patented solution TriflexAIR to sir Kiesel, CEO at the German Tour operator Schlienz. The start of successful cooperation.

The German Tour operator Schlienz decided to extend his fleet with 9 TriflexAIR wheelchair minibuses. Schlienz offers travel experiences for all people, regardless of their fysical limitations. Their fleet is already wheelchair accessible and versatile from touringcars and citybuses to vans and minibuses. With the arrival of the new Sprinters Schlienz expands his capacity for wheelchair passenger transport extensively.

Begin February 2020 the Dutch company Tribus delivered 9 Mercedes-Benz Sprinters in Stuttgart, the heart of Schlienz. The minibuses are equipped with the patented solution TriflexAIR which meets the highest European safety standards. The TriflexAIR wheelchair restraint system is fully incorporated in the floor and 100% mechanical and therefor maintenance- and malfunction friendly. The front retractors of each wheelchair place are over 2 meters in length, proving easy access for the drivers of Schlienz without being in front of the wheelchair passenger.

Kiesel choose a specific configuration with the Tribus Flexible Seat Layout Program of 6 TriflexAIR seats and up to 3 wheelchair places. A durable seat upholstery was selected and finished with Artificial leather Grey/Black. The wear-resistant anti-slip TriflexAIR floor is finished with a wooden floor motif for a luxurious impression.

Boarding the Sprinter is easy and fast to reduce operating times. The sliding door entrance has two steps with LED-lightning and yellow entry bars to guarantee safety at all times. Wheelchair passengers can board at the rear by an automated wheelchair lift that is, with only 2 buttons, super easy to use for the driver.

Sir Kiesel, CEO at Schlienz

Always wanting to offer customers the safest and best products and thus added value is a main feature of our company philosophy. In addition to punctuality and comprehensive support, the vehicle with its flexible deployment options is a crucial point. The TriflexAIR has convinced us and has also proven itself to be an extremely safe and pleasant vehicle in daily work.

Another 3 Mercedes-Benz Sprinters ordered

Since February, Tribus Sprinters have proven to be a reliable and user-friendly solution for Schlienz. Therefor Schlienz has placed a new order for another 3 Sprinters with TriflexAIR. We would like to thank herr Kiesel for his positive feedback and their new order. We wish Schlienz save driving and happy customers.

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