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Based on the philosophy that everyone has the right for safe passenger transport, we develop innovative mobility solutions. We design and manufacture all products to transform a brand-independent vehicle into multifunctional wheelchair accessible minibus. Safety and user-friendliness are key points for every new solution, which all comply with European guidelines for M1 passenger transport.

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In a time of scarcity, smart purchasing is even more important. In order to be able to serve our customers quickly, we have stocked various vehicles. This varies from models that still need to be converted to recently used models. Many stock vehicles can be fully converted to your wishes with our Seat Layout Program. With more than 100 layouts, you determine the positioning and number of seats and wheelchair spaces.

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Tribus Test Center

Innovation is in our DNA. That is the strength of our company and of our strong growth over the past ten years. Together with our highly qualified engineers, creative designers and passionate customers, we develop high-tech solutions that are always safe, simple and sustainable. In the Tribus Test Center, our engineers have their own Static Tensile Tester. This allows them to test the components at any time to gain in-depth insights into the strength of our components and predict the combination of materials. With this knowledge, Tribus shortens the time-to-market, giving customers fast access to new technologies and products.

Together we can!

Sustainable and healthy relationships with our partners and customers are vital to our business. We work closely with almost all brands and seek cooperation in all facets of our company. As a result, Tribus has grown into the knowledge center for target group transport in recent years. As a market leader, this is a role we take seriously. Thousands of satisfied customers rate Tribus’ solutions as reliable, user-friendly and of high quality. We continuously research and measure customer satisfaction and with this in-depth insight we create new solutions that meet the wishes and needs of our customers.

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