New electrical wheelchair minibus

One step closer to a solution for electric wheelchair transport

Tenders increasingly require zero emission transport. Due to the weight restriction in the M1 class and the limited battery capacity, a large range for wheelchair transport is the challenge of the day. The solution is one step closer with the arrival of a new electric 9-seater minibus with a range of WLTP 330 km. Opel, Toyota, Citroen and Peugeot has market this vehicle under the brand names Vivaro-E, ProAce electric, E-Jumpy and E-Expert.

Drive your daily rides with any problems in terms of range up to 330 km

The new electric minibus is powered by a strong 100 kW (136 hp) electric motor with a top speed of 130 kilometers per hour, making it suitable for longer distances. Two battery types are available; the 50 kWh battery with a range of up to 230 kilometers WLTP and the 75 kWh battery with a range of up to 330 kilometers WLTP. The driver can influence the range with three driving mode options; Eco, Normal and Power. While driving, the display shows practical information about range, power consumption and the remaining battery capacity.

Easily integrate the charging time into your trip schedules

By connecting the vehicle to a public charging station or private charging point, the vehicle with a 50Kwh battery is charged within approximately 5 hours (AC 3-phase 11 kW per hour). In a regular outlet, the charging time is significantly increased to 24 or 41 hours. Shorten the charging time by using fast charging at one of the many charging stations; 80% battery within 40 minutes for 50kWh & 50 minutes for 75kWh. To protect the battery, it is charged to 80%, the remaining 20% can charged by AC.

Dimensions suitable for taxi and wheelchair transport

The new electric minibus accomodates 9 people and meet Taxi standards. The dimensions of the vehicle are also suitable for a wheelchair adaptation, whereby 1 wheelchair passenger and 6 passengers can be transported. The minibus can also be expanded with an electric step. In short, a new zero emission minibus for Taxi, Foundations and Student Transport.

Tribus conversion options

For the Taxi solution we offer to can move the 2nd row seats to meet Taxi regulations (regulations differ per country) and place an emergency exit by means of a panoramic windown in the roof. The wheelchair solution includes a lowered floor with an internal height of 140 cm and a passage height of 147 cm. Behind the original 3-seater, 3 TriflexAIR folding and swivel seats are placed to provide maximum space for the wheelchair passenger, who can enter the vehicle by a lightweight double-hinged ramp with length 1210mm and width 770mm. The passenger rides safely with the Protector bolts locking system with 2 electrical lockable belts at the front, 2 removable retractors at the rear and a 3-point seatbelt. In addition, LED lighting is placed in the rear compartment.

Curious about the experiences of customers who drive the wheelchair solution?

Taxi company TCZ has been using the wheelchair adaptation with lowered floor on the Toyota ProAce Diesel for 2 years now.
Read review.  

The logical choice for electric driving

That the manufacturers stand behind their product is clear by the long guarantees that are issued. For example, Opel, Citroën & Peugeot provide an 8-year warranty or 160,000 kilometers and Toyota has a 5-year warranty term or 200,000 kilometers. Safety is also a major item. For example, the Opel Vivaro-E is equipped with a pedestrian signal for up to 30 KM, above the pedestrians will hear the sound of the tires.


  • Wide rang up to 330km WLTP
  • Long warranties on the vehicle and battery
  • Suitable for all rides thanks to the maximum speed of 130 km
  • Accessile for parking garages


  • The entrance to the three rear seats is tight and therefore less suitable for elderly or disabled persons


Contact our salesmanager Bas Verboord to check the possible options.

Bas Verboored

Bas Verboored

Salesmanager Europe

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