New Customer Portal

We  customer satisfaction

Tribus strives to meet all our customers demands, even before demand arises. We aim only for the best customer experience. Therefor we have created an online Customer Portal; An online area where customers of Tribus can find all kind of information about their products. We share information about test report, installation manuals, homologation, video tutorials and many more. The Portal will be updated constantly and we will share the latest news.

On Tuesday November 25, Tribus will launch the Customer Portal to all customers who operate outside of The Netherlands. For obvious reason the Portal is a private section and therefor protected by a personal login and password that will be handed out by Tribus. If you want access to the Portal we kindly ask you to contact your Tribus salesmanager.

Did you know we measure our customer satisfaction yearly?
We monitor our customer satisfaction by calling all customers who purchased an order with several parts. To reduce any inconvenience we contact each customer only once a year. Every three months we review incoming results and embed the outcomes in our workflow, a completely ISO certified process. This keeps us focused on your demands.

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