Volkswagen Crafter (WAM)

High comfort and high quality finish the ideal van to be converted into a multifunctional minibus.

The Volkswagen Crafter, with its modern design, high comfort and high quality finish the ideal coach to be converted by Tribus into multifunctional minibus.

With wheelbase 3665 or 4325 the Sprinter generously accommodate up to 8 people, 6 wheelchairs or a combination thereof. The seating consists of comfortable, flexible seating that allows you deviate from the factory setups.

The Crafter wheelchair bus is equipped with standard TriflexAIR, our total system for wheelchair passengers. TriflexAIR includes a floor system with integrated, fully mechanical wheelchair positions and comfortable and effortless to use folding chairs.

Both the wheelchair spaces if the seats are equipped with a warning system that each passenger to see if he or she is safe in the bus. The arrangement of chairs and wheelchair spaces is variable, so your Sprinter can be entirely classified to your needs.

TriflexAIR distinguished by its ease of use, reliability, Dive Safety, comfort and low consumables costs. Because TriflexAIR 200 kg. lighter than conventional wheelchair buses can save you thousands of dollars a year in fuel costs.


 M1-gecertificeerde TriflexAIR-vloer met geïntegreerd rolstoelvastzetsysteem
 8 comfortabele en moeiteloos te bedienen TriflexAIR-klapstoelen
 Gestoffeerde zijwand/deurpanelen
 Volautomatische rolstoellift
 Diversen: noodhamerpakket, brandblusser, verbandtrommel en RDW-taxi/rolstoelkeuring.


  • Air Conditioning
  • ParkAssist
  • Reversing Camera
  • Roll-over Protection
  • Seat Heating
  • Sound Package Plus
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