European Type Approval for Tribus e-Crafter wheelchair minibus

After succesful static and dynamic testing, Tribus has completed the procedure for European homologation of the Tribus e-Crafter. The vehicle adjustments made by Tribus are proven safe and have a European Type Approval. Fast delivery and building, no individual testing needed. 
Tribus exports its own developed innovative mobility products to converters throughout Europe. Converters use our products to convert standard minibuses into wheelchair accesisible minibuses and cars. The modifications carried out on the vehicles must comply with European safety rules before a vehicle can be registered. To prevent each vehicle from having to be individually approved, Tribus applies most conversions with a European Type Approval. With this approval Tribus meets the highest European safety standards and offers their partners fast building with no individual testing. The Volkswagen e-Crafter conversion is now available with an European Type Approval. The vehicle complies with all EC directives.

Want to know more about the Volkswagen e-Crafter?

Check out the Tribus e-mobility line of electric minibuses or contact our salesteam by calling +31 30 669 50 20 or send a mail.

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