A proven electric wheelchair solution


With the proven Tribus cab adaptation or wheelchair conversion for the electric vehicles Vivaro-E, E-Jumpy, E-Expert and ProAce Elecric you can drive electric without any concerns. The Tribus solution has been successfully tested and meets the highest European safety standards. Hundreds of customers have already chosen this solid solution that comes with factory warranty. This lightweight 9-person minibus can be driven with driver’s license B! A perfect solution for Taxi, Student and Shuttle transport.


Electric driving complicated? Certainly not! With a range of 330 km, you don’t have to make any concessions in your schedule so enjoy each journey. The vehicles can be equipped with either a 50 kWh or 75 kWh battery. These offer a range of 230 and 330 kilometers respectively (WLTP).

Range 50 kW = up to 230 kilometers (WLTP)
Range 75 kW = up to 330 kilometers (WLTP)


A variety of charging options are available so you can charge anywhere quickly and easily. Connect the vehicle to a public charging station or a private charging wallsocket and charge the 50kWh battery in about 5 hours*. The 75kWh battery fully charges within 7 hours*. Fast charging can be done up to 100kWh per hour for 80% battery capacity. With a 50kWh battery this takes 40 minutes and 50 minutes for the 75kWh battery. The last 20% can be charged by AC charging to protect the battery.
* o.b.v. AC 3-phase 11kW per hour


Tribus can convert the vehicle to create a 9 seater electric minivan that meets regulations. For instance, in the Netherlands we move the 2nd row of seats to comply with Taxi regulations. In addition, an emergency exit is created in the roof, by means of a panoramic window. The window provides extra daylight in the vehicle and creates a more spacious feeling. Passengers reach the last row of seats by folding up the front row of seats. This solution is less suitable for people with physical disabilities.


To make the vehicle suitable for wheelchair transport, in addition to the Taxi adaptation, Tribuss offers a low floor chassis with an internal height of 140 cm and an entrance height of 147 cm. Behind the original 3-seater, we place 3 TriflexAIR swivel and folding seats to provide maximum space for the wheelchair passenger, who can enter the vehicle by a lightweight ramp with length 1210mm and width 770mm. Thanks to the wheelchair locking system with 2 electrically releasable belts at the front, 2 removable retractors at the rear and a 3-point belt, passengers can be transported safely. In addition, LED lighting is installed in the rear compartment.

The safe choice for electric transport

  • Factory warranty of all brands are retained
  • Large range between 230 en 330 km WLTP
  • Compact dimensions, even accessible for parking garages
  • The lithium-ion battery has no memory effect and can therefore be charged at any time without loss of performance
  • Vehicle is extremely safe and equipped with a pedestrian signal up to 30 KM


Bas Verboord

Bas Verboord

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