Electric Low Floor Minibuses


The e-Civitas low-floor minibus is designed for M1 passenger transport and can be driven with drivers’ license B. The e-Civitas is especially designer for public transport with a lowered chassis, wide metro doors and spacious atmosphere. It can accommodate 8 passengers and has one wheelchair place. Thanks to the compact dimensions and zero emission motor, the e-Civitas can be used in even the most narrow streets. The ideal solution for public transport, Airport and shuttle services.


The e-Civitas low-floor minibus will have a range of +200km. It can be charged by fast charging (70kW DC) or at a charging depot (22 kW AC). By loading your low floor minibus in break time you can increase your range significantly. We trust our product and offer a 2-year warranty on the vehicle including the conversion and a 5-year warranty on the battery packs.


The e-Civitas low-floor minibus is equipped with an integrated driver’s cabin, a ramp, a chassis with a lowered floor and wide Metro doors. The low inclination angle of only 6 degrees on a bus platform allows wheelchair passengers to board quickly, safely and independently. Even on longer journeys, passengers ride smoothly thanks to the ergonomic TriflexAIR Seats with three-point seat belts, LED tracks on the ceiling and a nice view through the panoramic windows .


E-civitas Economy

The e-Civitas Economy is a lightweight 9-seater minibus for drivers’ license B with max. GVW 3500 kg. The 75 kWh battery pack can provide a range of +-200 km. The electric minibus has a TriflexFloor with a monobolts wheelchair securing system and 8 TriflexAIR seats, 1 of which can be fold and turned to provide maximum space for the wheelchair passenger.

Norbert Storm

Sales Manager Export

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