100% electric by Tribus


Tribus 100% electric offers a proven solution to reduce air pollution in urban areas and city centres. Our lightweight, fully electric e-Mobility range with a passenger capacity of 8+1 is the perfect choice for reducing both fuel costs and emissions. The Tribus e-Mobilty line, 100% electric, are currently available as multifunctional e-Ducato and a low floor minibus e-Civitas.

UP TO 150 KM*

The powerful 90 kW electric motor, powered by Gruau has a 400 Volt Li-Ion battery pack. This solution is the best electric minibus currently available in terms of range, performance and speed. Start the day ready to go on a full charge with up to 150 kilometers range with a 58 battery pack. We also provide energy saving regenerative braking technology, that sends most of the energy back to the batteries.


Say goodbye to more than diesel; oil changes and frequent tune-ups will also be a thing of the past when you go 100% electric with our e-Mobility minibuses. With no combustion engine, it has far fewer moving parts than the average minibus, which means you get the benefit of lower maintenance costs.


The range of charging options allow you to decide where and how you charge your e-minibus: at home, at work, in public or at fuel stations. Using a rapid charger will only take 2 hours for a full charge.


Our 100% electric minibusses have exactly the same functionalities as our other minibuses, with passenger capacity equivalent to that of our conventional vehicles. With a large variety of seating and wheelchair configurations. With easy accessibility for wheelchairs to meet your specific needs. All e-buses are fully tested to Individual approval or European Type Approval.


No exhaust gas. No harmful pollutants to the health. No hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, ozone, lead, and various oxides of nitrogen. With the e-minibus if you can drive a minibus that steps up to face the challenges of our time and meets high requirements. Fill up with green energy and drive with zero emissions.

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