Dealer Iseveien builds Norways first e-Crafter wheelchair minibus

The first e-Crafter wheelchair minibus in Norway has 9 seats and is built for Taxi Zero, in corporation with Trøndertaxi in Trondheim. 

Taxi owner and taxi driver Arne Inge Dyrdahl is really proud to be the first in Norway with a passenger car-registered e-Crafter taxi with two wheelchair places and a maximum capacity of 9 persons.

“I think we have to support the development of electric wheelchair vehicles to boost the emobility development strategy within the automotive. Although the maximum range is not high, it is sufficient for our kind of transport.” Says Arna Inge with a big smile.

He is also very happy for the support from Trøndertaxi. As a taxi owner, you buy and operate your own cars, but Trøndertaxi is the tour operator. Without them, it would not have been possible to realize this dream here, he says.

Rebecka Fillingsnes, sales representative for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles at Møller Bil Trondheim, can tell that the e-Crafter was ordered around December and has since been rebuilt by the vehicle conversion company Iseveien Services in Sarpsborg.

“This is the first registered e-Crafter that has been converted to a passenger car in Norway, which is now being handed over. We are really proud of that. This is unique in the industry and not least future-based so it is tough that anyone has the guts to go for such a model that will definitely benefit many “, she says.

The Volkswagen e-Crafter is best suited in areas where city transport with clearly defined driving routes makes up the majority of the working day. It suits Arne Inge perfectly. Han adds that this car is perfect as a transport for the disabled as most of the driving for these is close to the city. Most people drive around 50 miles per day so the range is sufficient. The vehicle has a manual ramp for wheelchair users which is very easy to use.

Rune Wolden – marketing manager for Volkswagen passenger cars and commercial vehicles can tell that often only one person is picked up for disabled transport, then often in a 16-seater minibus. The cost of driving such a big vehicle with fuel type diesel versus an electric car is significantly more expensive. The maintenance of an e-Crafter is also 20-30% cheaper. So far, 19 e-Crafters have been sold at Møller Bil Trondheim, and several of them are converted to a wheelchair accessible minibus. “We forsaw a bigger demand of these vehicles than Volkswagen could offer, so we ordered these vehicles early out early and secured several models,” says Rune.

The e-Crafter has been developed with everyone who operates in the city center in mind: operators in the courier and logistics industry, craftsmen and energy suppliers and more. The range of up to 159 km for city driving and up to 115 km for mixed driving (WLTP) as well as a top speed that is deliberately limited to 90 km/ h make the electric van suitable for city distribution with clearly defined driving routes.

Salg Nyttekjøretøy

Anders Ravn Toset was the first to drive as a passenger from Strindheim school, where he gets a SFO / school offer these days. This group of students has a school offer even now when the schools are closed.

“I’m a bit adventurous and have invested a lot in electric vehicles in the past. Now I’ve been waiting a long time for this opportunity to present itself, and although the range is not super long, it keeps to my purpose which is school driving, activities for seniors, ambulance and all others trips that this minibus is suitable for. ” tells taxi owner Arne Inge Dyrdahl.

Range e-Crafter
Up to 159 km for city driving and up to 115 km for mixed driving (WLTP). The technology in e-Crafter is based on e-Golf with a 36kWh battery pack. The only difference from the system on e-Golf is that the recovery of braking energy is permanently set to the highest level.

Three charging options
Fast Charger (CCS): 45 min | 80% capacity | 40 kW
AC wall charger: 5 h and 20 min | 100% capacity | 7.2 kW (pictured)
AC charger: 17 h | 100% capacity | 2.3 kW

Charging contact
Placed under the lid where the diesel refill is normally located on ordinary Crafter. Both required charging cables are supplied as standard.

Estimated power consumption
29.1 kW / 100 km in mixed driving and with 998 kg payload.

About Iseveien

Iseveien Services AS has been in the vehicle conversion industry for more than 30 years and are serving the Norwegian market with minibuses, wheelchair accessible vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, racking systems and other special purpose vehicles according to customer requests.

Iseveien Services AS is a leading converter of minibuses in Norway, and has been working with Harald A Møller, the importer of Volkswagen to Norway, for many years. Iseveien Services AS is the first company in Norway to achieve the status as Integrated Partner to Volkswagen.

Iseveien is located in the southern part of Norway in modern buildings and production facilities. All their minibus solutions are homologated and approved according to latest regulations and directives using Idiada as our homologation partner.

Iseveien Services AS is always working with customer focus through all stages of the conversion of the vehicles. Highly motivated, skilled and innovative workforce are one of our main assets and key elements for future growth.

Iseveien Services AS has got both ISO9001/2015 Quality Management and 14001/2015 Environmental Management certifications.

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