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From October 7 to 12, we had the opportunity to unveil our latest innovations and meet you at Busworld in Brussels. We are proud to say it was a great success.

At our booth, we not only unveiled our cutting-edge public transport solutions, such as the Passenger Safety Check and the e-Civitas Economy, but also raised a glass of champagne to celebrate 25 years of innovation, dedication and excellence.
In addition to the champagne, our guests had the pleasure of indulging in delightful Dutch delicacies, such as “Domtorentjes” from Utrecht and of course “bitterballen”, adding a touch of our heritage to the celebrations. It was a moment filled with gratitude and a deep sense of pride for how far we have come.
We want to express our thanks to everyone who joined us in this celebration. Your presence made our 25th anniversary even more special, and your continued support

From 10 to 12 of May, our sales team was on hand at the RETTmobil exhibition in Fulda, Germany to present our latest products and mobility solutions to you. This allowed you to see the wheelchair-accessible Ford e-Transit with our own built-in products, including the TriflexAIR seats, TriflexAIR 2.0 floor and other interior components including a low entry and the wheelchair lifts.

For us it was a great success and we were able to gain many new contacts but also meet warm ones at RETTmobil. If you have any questions, please contact our sales team.

From October 7 to 12, 2023, we will be at Busworld Europe. Will we see you there?

P.s. have you seen that Tribus already exists 25 years this year? 🎈

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