Bye bye utility vehicle. Hello urban and non-stigmatizing Jeep Renegade Mobility

Equivalent mobility for disabled people is the new standard

The growing awareness for equivalent mobility for disabled people is a trend of the past decade. More and more mobility solutions meet passengers’ needs and desires, whether they travel in a wheelchair or not. Disabled people are no longer only looking at utility vehicles, but desire things like a beautiful design, low-polluting and non-stigmatizing vehicles. Tribus dealer A.C.A. from France is taking this trend into the next level with their Jeep Renegade Mobility.

Pascal Candotto, Managing Director at AC.A. France

“A state-of-the-art vehicle with an urban feel”, that’s the best way to describe our Jeep Renegade Mobility. We had the courage to take a huge risk and realise this complex vehicle in study and homologation and succeeded in our quest. We have delivered the first utility vehicle that is not only functional but rises on design, providing our customers that urban design and non-stigmatizing feeling”, explains Pascal Candotto, Managing Director at AC.A. France.

Making mobility possible for everyone

Since the launch back in 2020 the Jeep Renegade Mobility has been a great success in France and even found its way outside to countries like Italy, Spain and Germany. “With the Jeep Renegade Mobility we offer freedom to disabled people that can’t switch to a vehicle seat. The enthusiasm of our customers is the best reward possible”, Candotto follows up. The Jeep Renegade Mobility accommodates 2 wheelchair places and 4 seats. The interior has a luxurious finish and the wide dimensions provides a spacious ambience. Access is regulated through a ramp or automatic rear hatch that can be operated with the original vehicle key.

Clever folding seats to accommodate a second wheelchair passenger

To provide space for a second wheelchair A.C.A. used 2 TriflexAIR seats. These seats have a clever folding and turning feature to provide maximum space. The seats are engineered and produced by the Dutch company Tribus, a leading manufacturer in wheelchair minibus parts. A.C.A. and Tribus met up at a fair in France back in 2017. They soon started working together for this great project and a growing long-term partnership formed.

Bas Verboord, Salesmanager Europe at Tribus: ”We take interest in new projects such as the Jeep Renegade to give our end-users the freedom to move. Our engineering department is fully set up to design all kind of products or develop out of the box products for special projects.”

What holds the future for A.C.A. France?

Thanks to the success of the Jeep Renegade Mobility A.C.A. France production has been busy the past year. To keep up with the growing demand they will have to double or even triple the production rate. “Although this will be a challenging process we are blessed with the success of the Jeep Renegade Mobility. We have found a solid partner with Tribus for the TriflexAIR seats and they proved to keep up with the growing demand. We are looking forward to the future and will definitely keep on innovating.”, says Pascal Candotto.

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