Bayer and Tribus start a fruitful partnership

German conversion specialist Bayer reached out to Tribus around mid 2020, looking for a new supplier of wheelchair conversion products. The introduction of both companies matched, which soon lead to an extensive collaboration in terms of product information, conversion skills and marketing and sales activities. But that was not all, a unique partnership with MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH was formed. It was the start of a fruitful partnership.

Doing business in corona times

Although Covid-19 took over the world, Tribus and Bayer were able to start their collaboration in these difficult times. At first communication went completely digital, but later on it became possible to meet up in real life and get to know each other. Attila Bayer: “I had seen the TriflexAIR seats at another reseller of Tribus and I was impressed by the design and usability of the TriflexAIR wheelchair restraint system. I was looking for a new supplier that offers conversion products for wheelchair solutions and Tribus seemed to be a possible match. I contacted the Salesmanager Europe of Tribus, Bas Verboord and we started talking. I quickly realized that our companies were a match to team up.

Joining hands

When we finally could meet up in real life, Bas traveled to Germany and we introduced our company. Bayer Karrosserie is founded in 1969 and specializes in repair services, bodywork and special conversion vehicles. Our company is divided in three divisions and we have a total of 56 staff members. We talked about the possible joint efforts in terms of product information, conversion skills and marketing and sales activities. Bas offered to train our workshop staff at Tribus in Utrecht to obtain the right certification for converting Tribus products. He got me in contact with their marketing department to create brochures of Tribus products with our logo and contact details. On March 1st I traveled to Utrecht with my staff members and a negative Covid-19 test in our pockets. The training days were fully prepared and we all succeeded.

Selling the 2 first MAN E-TGE wheelchair accessible minibuses in Germany

Once back in Göttingen we immediately started to set up our sales process. Tribus delivered all brochures and we started calling leads and sending e-mailings. Thanks to our big client network we got in contact with the Diakoniestation St. Maritius in Hardegsen. They were searching for an electric wheelchair minibus and the Tribus MAN E-TGE wheelchair accessible minibus turned out to be the best solution for them. As this minibus has never been sold in Germany I had to contact MAN to get the official approval by the MAN manufacturer.

A unique partnership formed between MAN, Bayer and Tribus

After my conversation with Diakoniestation St. Mauritius I contacted Bas and we decided to team up to get the official approval of MAN. I set up a meeting with Stephan Carl from our local MAN dealer. We talked about this great new product and how it could be a new product solution for the German market. Stephan was triggered by the product and suggested to present it higher in the organization as a possible new product for all dealers of MAN. His colleague  Andreas Witzel, director at MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH was enthusiastic about our new e-mobility product and offered a complete e-mobility network of MAN dealers”.

A perfect partnership between Bayer, Tribus and MAN was born and resulted in a new MAN product that can be purchased all through Germany, at every MAN dealer. Bayer will convert all E-TGE’s in collaboration with Tribus and MAN. The conversion is created with Tribus products such as the TriflexAIR seat and floor system, an automatic wheelchair lift and a lowered front entrance for easy access. Attila Bayer:” Tribus is well known for their punctual delivery and ready to install parts with quick converting times. We really enjoyed to team up and are looking forward to many new projects in the near future.”

From left to right: Stephan Carl (VBA TGE VR Nord-Ost, VB Kasel), Bernd Ranke (Manager Diakoniestation St. Mauritius Gmbh, Hardegsen), Attila Bayer (Owner and Manager Bayer Sonderfahrzeugbau, Göttingen), Bas Verboord (Sales Manager Tribus Group NL).

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