Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) starts with TriflexAIR converted by Bayer Karrosserie

The Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) is an independent and non-partisan welfare organisation. In Lower Saxony alone, the ASB has approximately 2,000 employees and 1,000 volunteers. The foundation helps people in need. The service goes beyond just transporting people to the doctor or rehabilitation clinic, because ASB sees transport as an important precondition for active participation in community life. This is especially the case for seniors and disabled people. Whether it’s to the doctor, the hospital, a daytime activity or just visiting friends, ASB transports.

In the search for a new wheelchair bus solution for the patient transport service, ASB found the perfect solution in the region again. They had heard that the German conversion company Bayer supplied an innovative wheelchair securing system, the TriflexAIR system from Tribus. Mr. Wollborn, director of ASB Northeim/Osterode for 35 years and state director of ASB Lower Saxony for many years, contacted Bayer for a meeting. Heer Wolfborn: „We were looking for a flexible extension for the driver service. A vehicle that could meet the various different transport services we offer. And preferably “immediately delivered and deployable”.

Good cooperation between conversion partner Bayer and Tribus made it possible to deliver a Ford Transit wheelchair bus at short notice, equipped with the innovative wheelchair restraint system TriflexAIR. Compared to other existing vehicles, the solution offers significantly more space and flexibility for transporting people that need care or cope with reduced mobility like a wheelchair passanger. The handles on the left and right side of the sliding door provide a secure grip when entering the vehicle. The extremely comfortable TriflexAIR seats can easily be folded sideways to provide space for the wheelchair passenger and no longer need to be removed from the vehicle. In addition, the integrated wheelchair restraint system, which is integrated into the floor, ensures that the wheelchair passenger can be transported safely. The ASB Ford Transit wheelchair bus is being used at the daycare center in Bovenden.

On December 3, the Ford Transit wheelchair bus was handed over to Timo Dederding, head of the driver service in Nörten Hardenberg. The vehicle was already put into use the next day by the driver service of Northeim/Osterode for the nursery in Bovenden. We wish Mr. Wollborn, Mr. Dederding and the entire team of the ASB Kreisverband Northeim/Osterode happy and safe driving.

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